Wednesday, May 16, 2007

why "reincarnations"?

I have been interested in sustainable living for over twenty years, and I'm always encouraged to hear about artists and craftspeople using recycled materials in their work.
For some time I've been wanting to create beautiful, useful products from the huge stash of fabric and yarn - much of it recycled clothing - that I've collected since I was a teenager.

The name reincarnations was not my first choice for my recycled fabric creations. I wanted to call them healing threads, since I believe that recycling fabric is something that can help heal (or at least reduce the harm to) our planet. But when I did an online search I found a company in the States already using that name.

Another product line I want to create is meditation cushions sewn from recycled jeans, and as I played with the idea of meditation and Buddhism and recycling, the name reincarnations came to me, and kind of stuck. So reincarnations it is...

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