Tuesday, March 11, 2008

how to buy really green

How do you know if what you're buying is really green or not? My favorite eco-friendly consumer advocate, Debra Lynn Dadd, has written a new book that answers exactly that question. Really Green covers easy green principles that anyone can learn, to help each of us understand the kinds of things that really DO help health and the environment.

It contains all the information you need to be able to tell the difference between products with real environmental and health benefits and those with misleading green hype. In this book, you will learn:

* What "green" really means
* The true foundation for defining green products
* The life cycle of green products
* The eighteen basic principles that define what's green
* The five basic types of green products
* All about green packaging
* Various shades of green products
* The cost of green goods
* How to spot misleading "greenwashing"
* How to change your buying habits to be green

Click on this link to find out more and buy the book today!


Julia Schopick said...

I was so glad to see this posting about Debra Lynn Dadd's wonderful new book, "Really Green."

I love the book, too -- and, in fact, decided to interview Debra for Keeper.com. I hope you will want to listen to (and hopefully, tell your site visitors about) the interview -- it's at http://www.keeper.com/dadd.html.

As you might expect, Debra's interview provides listeners with a great deal of very valuable information. In addition to talking about how to choose non-toxic cleaning products, Debra also talks about the truly paradigm-shifting “Really Green,” and how the book describes a whole new way of looking at “greenness," and degrees of greenness.

I hope you will enjoy listening to Debra’s interview, and that you will want to share the interview with your site visitors.

(By the way, The Keeper, Inc. is the manufacturer of the environment-friendly Keeper and Moon Cup reusable menstrual cups, which provide another way women can show their respect for the environment.)

Thanks much!

Very sincerely,
Julia Schopick
Marketing Director

Josh Rachlis said...

Your BlackBerry cozy is adorable! I love it! And so GREEN! (Speaking of which, I found your name when I was Googling for non-toxic shower curtains. Would you be able to make a pair like yours for me?)